Battle Stat Tracker!

(started: 3/25, last updated: 10/20)

Crit Watch:

Alan: 14
Lee (GM): 29
Brian: 20
Jordan: 9
John: 11
James: 5

Fail Whale:

Brian: 14
James: 9
John: 12
Lee (GM): 42
Alan: 6


Vincent: 49
Le Mark: 50
Eben: 54
Ill-Starred: 24
Rudra: 60

Blue on Blue:

James: 5
Brian: 4
John: 12
Jordan: 1
Alan: 3

Fun Facts:

Did you know on 4/15 Brian went a whole session without rolling a critical hit (but did roll one critical fail) ?

Did you know on 4/22 James has gone two whole sessions without a Blue on Blue incident? (That run ended on 5/5 when he was involved in two blue on blue “incidents”)

On 5/5 Alan got the name of our home town wrong at least three times – “Water Haven” being the most memorable

On 5/19 Rudra rolled a 30 on initiative (10 x more than the enemies we were fighting in that particular combat – stocky, dragons outside Vicent’s home)

On 6/2 Alan rolled 6 Critwatches! Vincent had no blue on blue action and John didn’t roll any Failwhales! Go team!

On 6/29 There were two blue on blue incidents – neither involved James (Alan and Brian were)

On 7/7 John got a new AoE power that also hits friendlies – he hit friendlies 6 times (each of us twice) in the first encounter. More in later encounters, taking the lead in blue on blue action!

On 8/18 We had just one Beyond the Fail (the new name for Fail Whale) in this session and it was Brian’s. Ha Ha!

on 9/8 The party rolled no Critical hits. Brian & Jordan did roll two fails (James rolled none, Alan & John didn’t show up)

Battle Stat Tracker!

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