Vincent Vexx

Vince, Human Rogue


For many generations, the Vexx family were considered part of the upper tiers of nobility.
They were well known & highly through of by the locals as they were typically great benefactors to the surrounding populace of Fallcrest.

A few hundred years ago, a large scale witch hunt was organized on the grounds that evil witches were being linked to daemons as their power is believed to be daemon-tainted.

The Vexx family, wanted to help and so made significant financial contributions to this effort which history now refers to as The Great Purge.

The Great Purge lasted for close to a decade and in that time dozens of smaller Covens were hunted down and destroyed. Larger ones were significantly weakened & displaced.

The Witch-Hunters and their families were hailed as heroes across most of the civilized world

The Witches that survived went into hiding to lick their wounds and re-group, as they identified individuals and groups that played key roles in The Great Purge they exact revenge by casting powerful curses on them from afar.

As major contributors to the Great Purge the surviving witches placed a particularly power curse on the Vexx family.

A year and a day after the curse was put in place the family started experiencing mysterious, hard to explain deaths and unexpected scenarios that ate away at their fortunes.

Vincent’s parents were the most recent to be claimed, dying in an unexplained and suspicious boating accident. With their death, Vincent’s access to the family wealth also died.

Soon after their deaths Vincent was evicted from the family home when some unexpected, unpaid debts were suddenly overdue.

The estate now sits now abandoned in the hills of Fallcrest. Vincent, now alone in the world, set out to make a new life for himself.

Looking for a simpler, less complicated life he settled down in a small, peaceful village called Nenlast & took a job as a barman.

One day a beautiful woman, who was passing through the village, came into his bar. There was a spark between them and after a few hours and a few drinks Vincent convinced her to extend her stay in the village.

It wasn’t long before the two were married.

Life was good and for a while Vincent was able to live in the present and felt he had a future that wouldn’t be haunted by his troubled past.

Shortly after they had their first child the curse struck again, but this time in a much more direct manner.

One year and a day after the birth of their daughter, Vincent woke up and found himself pinned to the ceiling looking down on his bedroom.

His wife, holding their child, was looking up at him laughing maniacally.

Before he could come to terms with where he was and what was happening his wife transformed into an haggard old woman.

She declared that the Coven was taking his daughter as one of the final installments of reparation for his family’s crimes & to use her to increase her coven’s numbers.

As she fled with his daughter, she declared that one day the Coven would return to collect their final payment: Vincent’s Vexx’s life.

Devastated, yet determined, Vincent set out to find out as much about the Coven as possible. How to destroy them and rescue his baby girl.

Vincent started travelling the area pursuing rumors of witchcraft and putting an end to those he found to be practicing this black art.

Killing witches only gave him temporary relief from his thirst for justice as none of these encounters got him any closer to the coven that had his daughter.

It became clear that he was not going to rescue his daughter any time soon as he had no idea where this coven was or even who they were.

(Several years have passed and now armed with both some knowledge and training Vincent has come to the conclusion that he needs money, powerful magic as well as allies to find and then take on this ancient Coven.

Encountering Eben’s bandit clan he signs up seeing the opportunity to make gold, contacts, gain experience and perhaps gather more information on the witches or the whereabouts of his daughter.)

Vincent Vexx

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