This is the campaign page for The Rise of Ethral. A 4th edition D&D game based off of the Points Of Light campaign idea begun in the DM guide.

The world as we know it is a savage place. Once home to great empires that spanned all the known lands it has fallen into darkness and civilization has been beaten back into small outposts and fortified cities. What empires and kingdoms still exist are small and most of them are barely able to survive. Our heroes must do what they can to keep back the darkness; whether for glory, gold, or the sake of good, time will tell.

Our heroes hail from many lands. We have a Goliath Warlord, a Dwarf Fighter, a Human Rogue, a High Elf Wizard, and a Dragonborn Barbarian. Together they hope to accomplish great feats, amass great treasures, and do much good.

The Rise of Ethral

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